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Feeling Sleepy Whilst Driving?

Feeling Sleepy Whilst Driving?

12th Jun 2018

There are many car air fresheners in the shops but we haven't found any that are natural, organic, non-toxic and with some practical benefits. We are devoting this blog to our Organic House Wake-Up Energising Room & Car Spray designed to have multiple benefits.

Wake-Up Energising Room & Car Spray  

Use in the car,

Use at  home,

Use in the study or office,

Benefits are:

Freshens the air and deodarises,

Combats tiredness whilst driving, working or studying,

Is anti-sickness and can help for those suffering from motion sickness,  

The active ingredients are botanicals such as grapefruit, lemongrass and ginger.

Synthetic fragrances in air fresheners are linked to cancer, headaches, nausea, watery eyes, breathing problems and are especially harmful used around children. Plug-ins, room sprays and diffusers are allowed on the market but many contain harmful chemicals. Maybe in the future their will be more done to remove such consumer products from the market but for now it is incumbent upon individual consumers to become more educated and particular about what we expose ourselves to.

The Wake-up spray is a natural way to freshen the home or car. All natural and organic ingredients.

Please get in touch should you have any questions.

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