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How To Revive Your Complexion Without a Skin-Peel

How To Revive Your Complexion Without a Skin-Peel

11th Jan 2018

If your skin is looking dull and grey due to tiredness, stress, lack of sleep or just the effect of the cold weather or age related. pre or post menopausal then you might be considering any number of expensive salon treatments that take minutes to administer but make a considerable dent in your bank balance. 

Such treatments are chemical peels, microdermabrasion, lasers etc. can contain harsh chemicals that can damage the skin.

Why not try an alternative, gentle but highly effective approach using natural, organic products that will make a difference to the appearance of your skin after just one use leaving it smooth to the touch and glowing.

We at Organic House recommend our Clean & Bright Morning Cleanser with Papaya, Orange and Bergamot. The papaya extract is a gentle enzyme peeling, natural ingredient that will remove old dead skin, unclog pores and brighten and soften the skin. 

Also we recommend the use of our Clean & Bright Skin Polish with Coconut and Macadamia Oil

An exceptional quality skin polish both gentle and non-sticky, containing coconut and macadamia oils. It is nourishing, moisturising and soothing, while the Epsom salts complement the oils perfectly; renowned for soothing, deep pore cleansing and for reducing inflammation.

This skin polish is infused with essential oils of orange, bergamot and neroli. Gentle enough to use on the face, hands and body. It will slough off dead surface cells to leave skin deeply cleansed and brightened.

Let your skin glow naturally with Organic House Skincare.

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