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Let Us Keep Faith

Let Us Keep Faith

20th Mar 2020

What a time we are living in! The present feels chaotic and the future uncertain. It's easy to get paralysed by the big picture instead of doing the things we have control over.

We must all look ahead to times when the Coronavirus crisis will be behind us. Following the government guidelines and looking after ourselves, our neighbours and the vulnerable, will ensure we emerge stronger for the experience and stronger as a community. 

We must always find the positive in all situations. This time may well provide incentive for us all to reassess our lives and behaviours for a better future. We must get through this time with grace, charm, and kindness. Let us keep faith.

We are all in this together. We would like to support our community by sharing some valuable tips with you.


It is important to keep routines and indeed to invent new relevant routines to give structure and purpose to our daily lives.


It is imperative to strengthen our immune systems. The following are some ideas.

  • Eat healthily
  • Get plenty of quality sleep
  • Take a walk and sit in the fresh air even if it’s a small garden space or outside
  • Meditate, practise yoga, qi gong etc.
  • Take measures to reduce stress in all areas of our lives
  • Listen to uplifting music that gives us joy
  • Watch films and programmes that we find positive and fun
  • Enjoy a favourite tipple and/or indulgent food but be moderate
  • Stay in touch with family and friends

And on a humorous note, a dear friend told me that, apparently

Shakespeare got stuck with a travel ban during the plague and whilst holed up at his friend's house wrote two of his great masterpieces, Macbeth and King Lear. This may well be an urban myth but what a wonderful story it is. If only we could all find such inspiration and be as productive.

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