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Natural Healing

Natural Healing

26th Sep 2018

If you want healthy looking skin that glows with health then really it can be quite a simple route to it. 

There are largely two things to do: 

1) Use anti-inflammation, healing skincare - such as Organic House Skincare 

2) Eat foods that are anti-inflammation 

Inflammation is a major cause of poor heath, disease and premature ageing.

In effect you will be healing your skin from the inside. Using food and nutrition to improve skincare health goes back centuries. Although we live in the age of medicine when serious advancements in medicine are taking place to help extend life we are also taking more individual responsibility to improve our health and well being. Living longer, no doubt, you would also want to feel fitter and look more youthful.

Hippocrates, is considered the father of modern medicine as he, at a time when illness and disease were attributed to superstitions of good and evil and punishments of God, he was quoted to have said, 'Let food be your medicine' - How does that resonate with our modern way of thinking. He believed that cleanliness, rest, fresh air and good food were the basis for good health. He also recognised that individual reactions to the same disease could be quite different which complies with our knowledge today - some people can cope better than others with the same illness.

Today we are aware that diet and exercise such as yoga can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

There is anecdotal evidence that eating certain foods can not only lead to a healthy body but can heal ailments.

However, it is important to point out that the advice of a medical practitioner must always be sought and never ignored. 

There is much we can do to become healthy and keep healthy.

The body is constantly repairing and rebuilding itself and I have personal experience of this having had a bone fracture a couple of years ago that has healed like magic.. When you go through something as life changing as that it certainly makes you more mindful of your diet and lifestyle. The bones, the skin, the internal organs are constantly regenerating - indeed we are what we eat.

The following foods help to fight inflammation and are considered 'super foods' - the study of foods and their compounds is deeply complex but in simplified, practical terms we should aim to eat a balanced diet including these foods on a weekly basis.

Tomatoes - tomatoes are a major source of anti-oxidant lycopene which is linked to many health benefits such as lowering risk of heart disease and cancer. Studies have shown also that eating tomatoes protects the skin against photo ageing caused by the sun. It is interesting that in sunny Mediterranean countries tomatoes form quite a large part of the daily diet.

Fatty fish - lack of Omega 3 vitamins is a cause of joint problems such as arthritis in later life and is a common deficiency. Include fish such as salmon, mackerel in the diet or take a supplement. Beneficial for brain function and learning,

Green leafy vegetables - kale and spinach and vegetables that have a somewhat bitter taste such as broccoli, radishes, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower and turnips have an anti-cancer compound.

Nuts such as almonds and walnuts. 

Berry Fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries are powerful anti-oxidants and repair damaged cells. Damage occurs eating fried food, smoking, drinking alcohol including environmental damage such as pollution and diseases such as diabetes.

Citrus Fruits such as oranges and lemons and kiwis - all citrus fruits contain vitamin C vital for good health; wound healing and healthy gums and healthy skin as it supports collagen production. 

Beetroot and carrots and other red and yellow vegetables contain beta carotene which is vital for eye health

Red Wine - many studies have shown that drinking red wine in moderation is good for preventing heart disease

Dark Chocolate - 60-70% cocoa 

B Vitamins are important for energy, brain function and mood and are severely depleted by drinking alcohol. These are found in a range of foods such as yoghurt, green leafy vegetables, chicken, oats and eggs and cereals and breads are usually fortified with B vitamins. If you love it then yeast extract or Marmite is full of B vitamins especially good way for vegans who don't eat animal products to get these essentials in their diet.

Spices and roots - garlic, ginger and turmeric are good for immunity, lowering cholesterol and mitigating cancer 

Water - It's not necessary to be carrying bottles of water around but it is essential to have water in your daily. This can be plain water, juice, herbal teas and also caffeinated tea as it contains water; only an excessive amount will lead to a diuretic effect. Vegetables, salads and soups also contain water. 

These are just some foods that should make up a healthy diet. The list is indeed endless and so are the benefits and virtues.. Achieving good health through a nutritious diet is about eating a varied mix of healthy foods rather than focusing on some or eliminating others. 

Skincare that is formulated with high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients help to reduce inflammation in skin cells. Vegetable oils such as rosehip seed oil, pomegranate oil, coconut oil, shea butter to name just a few are all essential ingredients in Anti-inflammatory skincare such as Organic House Skincare products. 

Try the above for just 2 weeks and you should see amazing visible results.

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