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November is a great time to Hygge!

November is a great time to Hygge!

16th Nov 2018

Do you think it's too early to go all out Christmassy? Why not wait for December and in the meantime enjoy Hygge - the Scandinavian art of cosy living.

I think by now we all have heard of Hygge - the Scandinavian word connoting cosiness. In fact in this ever changing world it might even be considered old hat? Not to worry. Some ideas are worth holding on to and hygge certainly is and well worth adopting.

If you live in the northern hemisphere we are in the cold half of the year. It is darker, colder, days are shorter with little sun, slightly mood suppressing, inward living and thinking so why not offer a perfect complement by immersing yourself into the hygge mood. It might be a bit early to go Christmassy but November certaily is a great time to hygge.

After all the reason why most people are itching to put their Christmas trees up every year is because the twinkly lights, the shiny tinsel, glossy baubles, gingerbread and mince pies are so warming and comforting and so compelling. And that is exactly what hygge stands for. 

So how can we hygge? What should we do? Here are some ideas.

Put up some fairy lights - drape them over the windows, the bannisters, over the dining table and around the kitchen and around the piano if you have one so tinkling out the tunes sitting amongst twinkling lights. 

Turn the heating down a touch and instead be cosy wearing a woolly polo neck and cashmere socks. Pile on some fluffy throws on the sofa. It's so comforting to wear a soft layer next to the skin rather than having the heating turned up full blast. You'll not only help the environment but also save rather a lot of money on bills

Have a stock of scented candles to light up once the evening draws in but make sure they are natural and contain aromatherapy essential oils as these are the safest to burn. The glow of candles in the dark is so magical and romantic. Try Organic House Peace & Calm Natural Candle for the evening or one of the other varieties depending on the time of day and your mood. Try Wake-Up for daytime, Grace & Charm for a lively evening with friends or Love & Adore for a quiet time of reflection by your self or to share a few moments with the object for your affection. 

Indulge in some hot cocoa made with organic milk and dusted with a touch of cinnamon and topped with whipped cream and marshmallows. If you really want to relax then why not get a pan of mulled wine on the stove especially perfect to make a healthier version which is lower alcohol by boiling it for a few minutes (to evaporate some of the alcohol) and using stevia the healthy alternative to sugar. This way you can still enjoy the delicious flavour of this warming drink whilst keeping the woozy effect and low sugar.  

Hygge is also about about spending time with family.  Turn the television off and put away those mobiles and ipads to enjoy playing board games, card games or plain old charades. Modern technology will always be a poor substitute for traditional games that require talking, discussing and are convivial to laughing together.  

Go out for a walk without a care for the elements; cold, frost, rain or snow - wrap up warm and you'll be fine. A brisk walk or equally a leisurely amble out in the fresh air will invigorate, clear the head and get the appetite going. 

If you are lucky enough to have an open fire then indeed you are so lucky - or an artificial fire also will produce the desired effect. Light it and enjoy, sit by it and ponder this November as Christmas is coming and we shall enjoy the forthcoming holidays. Until then we can hygge!

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