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Six Easy Tips For Looking After Your Hands

Six Easy Tips For Looking After Your Hands

8th May 2017

Our hands are quick to age with all the exposure to the elements, be it running outdoors or gardening, or using household products containing harsh chemicals and even sitting outside in a cafe or in the garden enjoying the warm sunshine. It is so easy to neglect the skin on your hands. But there are some very simple things to be done right away to improve the condition, appearance and protect the skin from further damage. Follow these tips to see an immediate difference. 

1) Wear rubber gloves for household chores - always. Even the tiniest drops of harsh chemicals are absorbed by the skin pores directly into the blood stream. In the short term these are terrible irritants to the skin and in the long term are linked to contributing to serious health problems. 

2) If you are a keen cook then you will most likely find that you repeatedly wash your hands and that in itself can dry out the skin. Apply a few drops of your cooking olive oil over your hands whilst you cook. It really helps to create a waterproof film.

3) Use a good quality hand cream immediately after washing your hands as the skin when warm absorbs nutrients readily into the skin.  We recommend Organic House Treatment Balm - it contains rosehip seed oil and pomegranate oil which really nourish the skin and stimulate collagen production. Just a small amount goes a long way and although appears oily, it readily absorbs and gives long lasting moisturise to the skin.

4) Always wear a high sun protection cream - even in the winter. Make sure when spending extended times outside. When driving your hands are especially exposed. Do you find one hand is more dry or aged looking? Your right hand if you are in a right hand drive country or vice versa. Keep a good SPF cream in your car and handbag.

5) When applying serums and moisturisers make sure to extend over the backs of the hands.

6) At bedtime apply an intensive night balm. If your hand feel excessively dry as in they catch when you touch your silk pyjamas or scarf then try an exfoliation before applying the skin balm. Organic House clean & Bright Skin Polish is gentle, soothing and anti-inflammatory and will leave skin soft to the touch and deeply moisturised.  

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