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The emergence of COVID-19 has created global implications that have drastically changed the way we live our lives. In particular, it has shown to survive on surfaces for up to nine days and can therefore go undetected.
Zoono products are effective against all pathogens with independent laboratory tests guaranteeing 99.99% protection.

With our products having previously been successfully tested against a variety of pathogens for up to 30 days on surfaces and 24 hours on hands.  

Both products are environmentally friendly, soothing on the skin, water based with no alcohol and no harsh chemicals. They remain active no  matter how many times hands or surfaces are washed.

Proven protection against COVID-19 and other pathogens including Mers, Norovirus, MRSA, E-Col

In between the time (30 days for surfaces and 24 hours for hand sanitisors) you can clean, wipe & wash the surfaces / hands (like you would normally) and the product does not come off.



Other products are used constantly all day every day to keep areas clean and sanitised

Our product only has to be used once a day on hands and once a month on surfaces

Standard disinfectants work when wet, using toxic chemicals or alcohol to kill pathogens at the point of use. Within a short space of time dry hands and surfaces again become vulnerable.

Alcohol based sanitisers are everywhere but damaging and drying on the skin and require multiple applications throughout the day. The reason is that once they dry off the skin becomes vulnerable against pathogens. 

Scientifically Proven 

Our game changing antimicrobial protection products have been rigorously tested globally using the most up-to-date laboratory testing methods and are proven to be 99.99% effective against harmful pathogens. They do not wash off or leach off. A full list of tests is available.

Both surface and hand sanitiser are economical and can be sold together with dispensers for home, industrial and commercial use. The surface sanitiser can be used on face masks to make them effective in preventing spreading the virus and will remain effective for up to 30 days even after washing.

The emergence of COVID-19 has created global implications that have drastically changed the way we live our lives.

High Profile Clients

Clients that use our products include Transport for London, Network Rail, DLR, Swiss Port, Menzies and many other national/private organisation and facilitation companies.

Products For Every Lifestyle and Environment

Preferential Prices
Please feel free to call us to discuss and for preferential prices. 00 44 7801 067 209

Households - use at home in handy dispensers and foaming pumps available on our website. 

Hospitals, Doctor's Surgeries, Dentists etc.

Childcare, Schools, Children's Play Centres

Retirement Homes

Hotels, Restaurants

Retail Shops,

Gyms and Leisure Centres


Frequently Asked Questions

How do the antibacterial products work?

The antibacterial products use an advanced technology; Zoono technology. The products are applied by a mist, spray or foam. Once dry, the solution resembles a layer of microscopic pins that attract, pierce & kill pathogens – just like a pin popping a balloon. In the same manner that the burst balloon cannot be reformed, neither can the pathogens – meaning NO resistance and NO superbugs!

Should I apply the hand sanitiser more than once a day?

You don’t have to… The Hand Sanitiser remains active on the skin until natural exfoliation has occurred and this usually takes 24 hours or so (varies due to factors like perspiration etc.). But within high-risk environments (Health Care etc.), it’s OK to use the Hand Sanitiser more frequently.

Are the products 'toxix' or can I use them around my children?

All of the products within our portfolio have a ‘toxicity rating’ (similar to that of Vitamin C) but yes – the products can be safely used around people, pets and plants alike.


Will the hand sanitiser rub off or wash off?

No. The Hand Sanitisers does not rub off and will remain active on the skin’s surface for up to 24 hours after application. Normal washing of the hands and drying with a towel will not affect efficacy.

Will the hand sanitiser dry or chap my hands?

No. Unlike other hand sanitisers that contain up to 70% alcohol, drying the skin and chapping the hands. OneSpray 24 Hour Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser with Zoono technology is a mild but effective water based formulation. On application, the Hand Sanitiser leaves hands feeling soft and moisturised.

Has the hand sanitiser been dermatologically tested?

Yes, we have a full suite of testing reports validating the products, which are available upon request


Can you prove the products work?

Yes, we have a full suite of testing reports validating the products, which are available upon request


Other queries

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to get in touch at

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